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Founded by Laura in 2017, Belle Aesthetic Clinic offers the very best cosmetic aesthetic and skin treatments for full facial and skin rejuvenation. 

Laura is an NHS and private sector worker who has over 11 years of experience in anaesthetics and surgery for both elective and emergencies for the general public, celebrities and sports personalities.

Laura holds Advanced Life Support qualification from the resus council, meaning she is trained to the highest standard in critical emergencies and is often the lead in critical emergency situations that arise anywhere within the hospital due her calm and professional quick thinking and acting approach. 

Laura prides herself on her honesty, confidentiality and openness while being able to offer affordable prices without taking advantage of people's purses. 

Having gone through her own transformation, having suffered from severe pigmentation, melasma, acne and scarring, Laura is confident that all treatments she offers are effective and safe whilst maintaining a natural enhancement using gold standard products.

Laura does not just focus on what you want, she looks at the full picture and will advise honestly and will explain the reasons why

Laura is a single parent to a teenager and has drastically transformed her life over the last 16 years.

From leaving an abusive relationship with nothing apart from a baby, she was stuck as to what she wanted from life and where she was going. living in a council house and on benefits. 

Laura eventually got a job in a well known high street fashion store whilst her daughter was a few months old. 

This was not giving laura any job satisfaction, but with her bubbly outgoing personality she was offered a job in a local bar. Laura jumped at the chance and with the support of her parents for child care, Laura enjoyed a successful 5 years working her way from bar staff to management and then into security - where she encountered all walks of life and situations, which also resulting in being stabbed in the arm.

In 2009 Laura suffered a mental breakdown caused by PTSD from her abusive relationship, which saw her assessed in the local mental health unit. She was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. 

Laura moved from her council house back home with her parents for support through her battle at her lowest point and with her daughter.

Piling on weight and at an all time low, Laura turned to Netball and Rugby. The team sport helped with her mental health and the weight came off slowly. In 2012 Laura suffered a broken sternum and ribs from a particularly poor tackle by herself and collided with the knee of another player. This put her out for nearly a year. After recovering from injury Laura moved to Medway rugby club and hasn't looked back, albeit with a lot of caution.

Laura still plays rugby when she can at Medway rugby club with a fantastic team of girls and coaches. 

Laura fought hard and eventually decided that she wanted to embark on a career that helped others, but with no qualifications to her name she was facing a challenge. 

Laura embarked on her GCSEs and flew through gaining As in English, Maths and Psychology.

A diploma distinction in healthcare and then acceptance into university to complete a degree specialising operating theatres. Trained in anaesthetics, recovery, scrub and surgical assisting.

For the past 6 years  Laura has worked solely in anaesthetics, A highly pressured and stressful role. She was the go to in all emergency situations due to her calm and professional approach with quick thinking and acting for the best interest for all patients in her care in all situations. 

Laura worked for Kings NHS trust and was then head hunted by a new German orthopaedic hospital opening up in central London, that would go on to be the go to for sports stars with injuries. Focusing on CQC policies and and ensuring the operating theatre department was up to standard for a good/outstanding CQC result.

After the stress of the commute into London (and expense), Laura commenced a clinical lead role as Anaesthetic and Recovery Sister in a private hospital in Surrey. 

Laura is now commencing her masters within the medical field and does the occasional bank shift in hospitals to ensure her skills and knowledge are up to date.

In 2016 Laura was looking at aesthetics after enjoying a long term stint in cosmetic surgery, and how it can be a complete minefield after reading many negative experiences in the press. 

In 2017 after a lot of training with cosmetic surgeons Belle Aesthetics was born. 

Laura has a particular love of the natural and subtle enhancements and loves helping people achieve their goals safely and effectively.  

Based in Larfield, Kent and soon to be based also in Newcastle, Belle Aesthetic Clinic offers a wide variety of treatments from dermal fillers and microsclerotherapy to piercings. 


To see Laura's work, click here.   

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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