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About Belle Aesthetic Clinic

About us

Founded by Laura in 2017, Belle Aesthetic Clinic offers the very best cosmetic aesthetic and skin treatments for full facial and skin rejuvenation. 

Laura is an NHS and private sector worker who has over 11 years of experience in anaesthetics and surgery for both elective and emergencies for the general public, celebrities and sports personalities. As a rare duel registered Operating Department Practitioner and nurse, Laura prides herself on her extensive knowledge and skills.


Laura is also a qualified key trainer for any needle related procedures, from cannulation to taking bloods to major lines that are required. 

Laura holds an Advanced Life Support qualification from the resus council, meaning she is trained to the highest standard in critical emergencies and is often the lead in critical emergency situations that arise anywhere within the hospital due her calm and professional quick thinking and acting approach. 

Laura has just completed a Masters degree in nursing as well as carrying out in depth systematic reviews and investigations into dermatology.

Laura has recently completed a practical minor ops certification recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons and Royal College of Physicians to enable her to carry out minor ops and wound closure independently. 

Laura has also recently been accepted for an affiliate membership with the Royal college of Surgeons. A rare and unique opportunity that is not for just anyone.

A firm believer that learning never stops and you cannot possibly know everything from just one day/weekend courses, Laura is always learning and researching with the UKs medical specialists.

Laura prides herself on her honesty, confidentiality and openness while being able to offer affordable prices without taking advantage of people's purses. 

The Face behind the company.


Laura has spent the whole of the Covid-19 working tirelessly in the NHS helping with the pressures of the pandemic. Working many long days of 13 hour shifts in both the emergency theatre and intensive care unit caring for ventilated covid patients. 


After being pursued for many months, Laura is now embarking in a career at a prestigious Harley Street Hospital as Plastics and Cosmetics Clinical Specialist where she set up the service and will be running all cosmetic injectables and aesthetic treatments.

Laura is also working closely with the UK's top facial and body plastic surgeons in both organising clinics and in theatres carrying out many treatments, she is also surgical assisting in multiple plastic surgeries and transgender reassignment surgeries with the top UK surgeons in their fields as well as orthopaedic surgeries, such as joint replacements.

You name the surgery and Laura has surgically assisted with the consultant surgeons and sutured closure wounds.

The first hand experience in plastic surgery puts Laura ahead of the game with anatomy and physiology of the body as she sees and handles it first hand and knows the risks and benefits of surgical and non surgical procedures.


Laura will continue to carry out clinics locally in both Kent and Surrey. 


Having gone through her own transformation whilst fast approaching 40 soon, and previously having suffered from severe pigmentation, melasma, acne and scarring, Laura is confident that all treatments she offers are effective and safe whilst maintaining a natural enhancement using gold standard products.

Laura does not just focus on what you want, she looks at the full picture and will advise honestly and will explain the reasons behind her logical expert advice.


Clinics are based in Sun Lounge ME20 6SR and ELC Beauty ME20 6HE Kent and the Surrey areas, also in the northeast on occasions.


Belle Aesthetic Clinic offers a wide variety of treatments that are safe and approved.


To see Laura's work, click here.   

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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