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Medical Dermaplaning 

Exfoliates skin by removing dead skin, excess skin and fine velus hair to reveal smooth glowing skin.

Hair does not grow back thicker. 

Recommended every 4 weeks

Using Obagi medical skin care bespoke for each individual and their skin concerns.


Using a dermapen needling device and medical grade skin care products, this facial creates tiny trauma injections to the skin to promote collagen and cell renewal.

Perfect for scarring and skin imperfections.

Recommended every 6 weeks

Using Obagi medical skin care 

Medical grade Chemical Peels

Medical grade chemical peels are prescription only.

They resurface the skin by removing dead skin and fading fine lines and imperfections.

These peels are also ideal for problematic skin that is prone to breakouts and pigmentation

Recommended every 4-6 weeks

Medical grade facials are available for a variety of skin conditions. 

  • Hyper and Hypo pigmentation

  • Acne

  • Scaring

  • Ageing

  • Rosacea 

  • Uneven skin tones

  • Dehydrated skin

  • Dull skin

Our bespoke facials incorporate Obagi medical skin care products that are bespoke for each individuals skin concerns and skin type.

Our facials are known to be the most luxurious and transforming within the area.

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