Medical treatments

Medical treatments we offer are only legally to be carried out by medical professionals.

Migraine treatment

This is a simple and virtually painless treatment using Botox. 

Several small injections are strategically placed around trigger points. The effect of this treatment start to take

effect within 5 days.


This is the go to treatment for removing spider veins anywhere below the neck, though is more often that not common for treating veins on the legs. 

The treatment involves small individual injections of a sclerosing solution into each vein that needs to be removed.

The sclerosing solution will cause the vein to shrink and seal itself off, blood flow is redirected into other vessels near by; the body will naturally break the vein down and dispose of naturally.

Results can be seen instantly, though it may not vanish all veins in one session. Final results are seen within 4 weeks.

More that one treatment may be required.

Teeth Grinding 

Teeth grinding can cause a number of more complex problems.

Long term teeth grinding can destroy dental enamel, permanent damage to teeth, fracturing or loosening of teeth, misalignment of teeth when your jaw closes and can also cause severe headaches, as well as jaw and neck pain that can radiate.

If you still grind your teeth through a protective mouth-guards provided by a dentist, this is the treatment for you.

By treating the Masseter muscle with Botox, the muscle relaxes and weakens, this prevents the muscles ability to clench and grind the jaw. This means that we can reduce or stops tooth grinding altogether.

This treatment is also used for jawline slimming for those with wide set jaws.


Results can be seen within a few days with maximum benefits seen within 14 days.



Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a medical condition that can cause embarrassment for those who suffer it. 

This condition can affect anyone, the most common places where it visibly occurs is in the armpits, hands, soles of the feet, scalp and forehead.

There are a variety of causes for excessive sweating, such as the menopause, anxiety, diabetes, thyroid, pregnancy and too much spicy food or caffeine.

The treatment is quick, lasting around 15-20 minutes and involves lots of tiny injections of Botox in the affected areas. 

Results are noticeable within a few days, with full results within 14 days.

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