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When it comes to piercing, Laura has a wealth of experience, taking great care along with extensive and rigorous training, a passion for design, and a commitment to delivering a comfortable bedside manner.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to learn about piercing for your specific anatomy or ask questions about healing, sizing, or aftercare.

This is a luxury service for those who want something different with highend jewellery and outstanding results

Laura takes piercing very seriously and safety is second to none. Hygiene is our top priority, implementing ANTT sterile field experience from the perioperative environment to ensure the highest standards are met.

  • Sterile single use needles.

  • Clamps are single use only.

  • The is no latex involved.

  • Sterile hypoallergenic medical implant grade titanium/stainless steel or 14k gold jewellery

Part of our piercing experience also includes detailed aftercare instructions so you will quickly and completely heal your new look.

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You are responsible for your piercing cleaning and aftercare. Any additional attendances  from not following the aftercare will be charged as below

You will be provided with a free medical grade cleaning solution to take home.

This solution is safe, not harmful and does not sting.​

The solution kills germs, including most bacteria, this through oxidation, which means killing a cell’s wall.

  • This solution is to be used for the first 14 days.

  • Apply one drop twice a day only.

  • Use a clean cotton bud to clean in difficult to reach areas such as inside the navel and creases of the ears.

  • After 14 days clean your piercing daily with a mild soap or just warm water.

  • Do not twist the jewellery - push backwards and forwards. 

  • Do not touch your piercing with dirty hands!


Healing times will depend on the area pierced.

It can take up to several months depending on the location of your piercing and your own body healing abilities.

Moisture can cause irritation. Dry well after a shower by patting dry with a clean towel or paper towel.




Be careful not to irritate your new piercing. This includes washing your hair, putting on or removing clothing, and sleeping on your fresh piercing.

When you shower, make sure all soaps or shampoos are cleaned off of the area thoroughly.

Expect build-up of dried matter on the piercing during the healing process, use warm water on a paper towel to reduce the build up.

Be careful when doing any strenuous exercise when healing a fresh body piercing, and we suggest avoiding wearing tight clothing for body piercings if you do exercise.

Do not remove your jewelry during its healing time as it can potentially introduce infection and potentially begin to close immediately.

We suggest you avoid swimming in chlorinated swimming pools or freshwater during the first 7-10 days 

Tighten the ball of the jewellery by twisting clockwise daily or if it feels lose


If the piercing becomes inflamed, clean twice a day with cleaning solution provided or warm water. take regular paracetamol to help relieve any discomfort - paracetamol also helps with inflammation.

If the jewellery comes out, you have not followed the after care precautions of tightening the ball, try to reinsert as son as possible. If you cannot get the jewellery back in you are welcome to attend a clinic at the next available appointment - there will be a £10 to reinsert jewellry. If you require it to be repierced you will be charged the full price. 

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